The significance of X-rays in Dental imaging

Dental X-rays provide visual clarification of the situation of the tooth extraction site. It enables dentists to chart out the surgical procedure and assess any complications beforehand. The radiographs or dental X-rays utilize low-levels of radiation to identify cavities or impacted teeth issues.

Why are dental X-rays taken?

Dental X-rays allow a dentist to gauge your oral health or diagnose existing symptoms of oral diseases. New patients undergo dental x ray in New Port Richey so the dentist can have a general idea of your dental health.

Children require routine dental examinations since their oral cavities keep growing with additions and falling teeth. Sometimes, babies need to get their baby teeth pulled out to avoid pain related to other growing teeth.

There are various ways a dentist can gauge your oral health with different types of X-rays.

Types of Dental X-rays

·    Occlusal: They provide a clear picture of the entire upper or lower set of teeth. Based on the orientation of your jaws, the dentist can detect anatomical abnormalities.

·    Panoramic: Special machines rotate around your head, focusing on the jaw area to print out a two-dimensional image. These X-rays furnish a path to plan for future dental implants or assess the growth of wisdom teeth.

·    Cephalometric: The cephalometric X-rays present a broader image that details the entire teeth profile, as well as the position and development of new teeth.

·    Periapical: Here, the X-rays focus on imaging only two teeth from the root to the crown.

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Additional intra-oral and extra-oral X-rays provide extensive perspectives with which dentists can map out systematic dental procedures.

Risks associated with X-rays

Dental X-rays incorporate the reasonably lowest X-ray exposure through which precise diagnostic results get obtained. Pregnant women and babies get exempted from having X-rays. However, if there is an emergency need, care is taken to ensure a limited exposure rate to the patients.

Summing up

Dental X-rays are the stepping stone to create and maintain a perfect and healthy smile for all patients. There are no crucial risk points of getting one taken, and you can always connect with your dentist for significant pointers.